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Huang Yi stunning at the Macau Film Festival, awarded Best Actress while Donnie Yen as the Best Actor


Actress Huang Yi was awarded the Best Actress for her performance in film " The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake " at the 3rd Macau International Film Festival.


Last night, the 3rd Macau International Film Festival closed at the Venetian Hotel Convention and Exhibition Center. The Golden Lotus Awards found their own winners. With their performances in "The Lost Bladesman" and " The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake ", which are biographical films with completely different style and content, Donnie Yen and Huang Yi were awarded best actor and actress. This was also the first time that the two received such honor at an international film festival. Huang Yi had a lot of feelings about this trip. She said frankly: "I was not nervous at all, I still couldn't help myself when I came to the stage, and this award belongs to the legendary female Qiu Jin a hundred years ago." After the first Best Actress Award, Huang Yi also received a thousand roses board presented by fans at the scene, which made her pleasantly surprised.


As the world’s youngest international film festival, the Macao Film Festival’s participating films are still dominated by mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan films. "The Lost Bladesman" and " The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake " can definitely be regarded as major productions in the participating films. It is not unexpected that the awards go to Donnie Yen and Huang Yi. Huang Yi wore a gorgeous black rhinestone neck gown that day. When she came to the stage to receive the award, she said in her acceptance speech: "I’d like to thank the director, producer, and all staff, to those who love me and support me, and also to those who deny me and don’t understand me. Life is an experience, which made who I am now. Thanks to the Macau Film Festival. This award belongs to the Chinese woman who called for women’s independence, acted and dedicated herself a hundred years ago."


Hong Kong director Yau Lai-To’s six-year preparation for the work " The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake " has been nominated for five awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, etc., Apart from Huang Yi who won the  best actress, Anthony Perry and Hong Kong newcomer Rose Chan also won the best supporting actor and best newcomer awards, making the film the biggest winner last night. Huang Yi went on the stage and accepted the Best Supporting Actor Award for Anthony Perry, and also supported her junior sister Rose Chan who was harassed recently. Huang Yi said that she had already sent regards to her and believed that she would be better soon. Huang Yi also said that a hundred years later, equality between men and women has become a social consensus, but women still encounter too many injustices, and there is still a long way to go for the equality between men and women.



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