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Contracts with Stallone’s team, cooperation with Hollywood superstar... This "Roc Pictures Night" is incredible


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On the evening of November 16th, during the Zhejiang International Youth Film Week, the "International Film Exchange Event – Cinematic Poetic Magic · Roc Pictures Night" hosted by Roc Pictures was held at West Lake Villa.


Famous Chinese director Huang Jianxin, Michael Costigan - producer of the three-Oscar-winning film "Brokeback Mountain", Arthur Sarkinsian - producer of "Rush Hour" series; Babak Najafi - director of " London Has Fallen ", Arianne Fraser - president of Highland Group, one of the top five distribution companies in the United States, and Rob Paris, producer of "Diamond Stealing Strategy", and other Chinese and foreign filmmakers witnessed the beautiful night together.


At the scene, Roc Pictures released several big projects to be released and launched, including: the import of Stallone’s latest gunfight action film " Backtrace "; Hollywood "box office superstar" John Travolta’s "Gotti"; “Lying and Stealing” starring 007 series new star Theo James and Hollywood sexy goddess Emily Ratakowski ; the tribute film "A Man's Name" to commemorate the reform pioneer Xie Gaohua’s story, and presente the history of exchanging chicken feathers for sugar, and reshapes the legend in the Chinese business industry; " Unify the country ", based on the local historical facts of Zhejiang, using the past to show the present, and tells the legendary history of China's first peaceful reunification during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.


Two ceremonies were also held at the scene. Michael Costigan and Arthur Sarkinsian became Roc Pictures’ content creation and production consultants. Ms. Sun Peng, Chairman of Roc Pictures, also signed a strategic agreement with Li Qinghui, general manager of Changying Group Co., Ltd., to jointly restore classic old films, and establish post-production studios and dubbing studios to help the development of China's film industry.


Roc Pictures, as a comprehensive film and television culture media company focused on the local and global perspective, gathering top resources at home and abroad, based on "international, high-end, professional, and high-quality products", has now cooperated with the United States, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea and more than 20 film and television companies in more than 10 countries  and established deep partnerships. At present, 21 film and television projects have been produced, such as "In Harm’s Way", including 17 international cooperation projects, and more than 30 awards have been won at home and abroad. The company is a regular guest of the main international film festivals such as Cannes and Venice, and successfully held many major high-end events such as Beijing International Film Festival Master Class Event and China International Animation Festival Summit Forum.

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