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Wang Yi's "The Locked Door" was nominated for the Photography Award at Macau International Film Festival


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Recently, directed by Zhao Zhiping, with Wang Yi as the director of photography, " The Locked Door " - a female affliction film starring Huang Shengyi and Yangzi, was nominated for the Best Photography Award at the 4th Macau International Film Festival in 2012. This warm and affectionate drama that outlines the poignant love and blends family grudges by the Hollywood production team has previously won the best film of the 7th Monaco International Film Festival.


The Macau International Film Festival was founded in 2009. The Macau Film, Television and Media Association and the China International Cultural Communication Center held the first "Macau International Film Festival" and International Film, TV and Animation Product Fair in Macau on December 26, 2009. Held once a year on December 26 after that). The Macau International Film Festival takes advantage of the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures in Macau to showcase outstanding films from all over the world. While encouraging the diversified development of the film (television, animation) industry, it also builds a platform for capital to connect with film and television projects, creating an international vision of a first-class film festival.


The senior photographer Wang Yi, who served as the director of photography for this film, deeply moved the film festival judges with his unique picture display and skilled photography skills. He won the unanimous affirmation of all the judges of this film festival with such an excellent work that combines technology and narrative. Wang Yi has been engaged in film work for nearly 20 years. His representative works include " An Estranged Paradise ", " Qing Xi Wu Tong ", " Mao Zedong and his guards ", "The Locked Door" and other film and photography works, as well as TV series such as "Cang Hai Bai Nian" , " Ming Dynasty " and so on.


Wang Yi is not only an excellent photographer, but also a new director with a unique style. The new literary love film "The Falling Feather" directed by him has wrapped filming in Shanghai on November 24. In this literary love movie based on the world-famous painter and international master of colorism Mo Ke, director Wang Yi adopts a groundbreaking oil painting style picture effect, vowing to maximize his aesthetics. In the process of presenting the beautiful pictures and soft visual experience to the audience, the film will also interspersely display the art works of the abstract colorist painter Mo Ke, recreating the process of his entering the colorist painter.


For literary films, Wang Yi has a unique personal view and a perfect artistic pursuit-"The ability to analyze words with a lens is the basic source of a director's creation, and then to the level of how to tell a story, and integrate into his own view of the world. "It is precisely based on the diligent pursuit of film art, as well as the continuous exploration and innovation in the film shooting process, that Wang Yi has considerable attainments in film direction and photography.

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