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Korean drama “Secret Garden” will be made into a movie, filming in Zhejiang


The 2010 South Korean super popular drama "Secret Garden" will be made into a movie version by Zhejiang Roc Pictures together with a Hollywood production team. Director Tang Dan, producer Sun Peng, and North American production representative Willan Hueltz Kay were interviewed by the media in Hangzhou a few days ago. They excitedly told everyone that the film had been pre-sold to the European and Australian markets before filming, receiving two-thirds of the investment of 30 million yuan, which is probably a precedent for Chinese films. 


The series "Secret Garden" was co-created by director Shin Woo Chul and screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, who have collaborated on popular dramas such as " Lover in Paris ". It tells a romantic and bone-wrenching love story triggered by an accidental exchange of souls. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won play a pair of lovers in the show. Tang Dan revealed that the movie remake will add new things to the original story structure. "The TV series has some loopholes in the structure, but the character positioning is very good, and Korean dramas are very strong in commercial promotion. Movie audiences are more picky than TV audiences. Therefore, we attach great importance to the polishing of the story. The script took one and a half years, and the entire screenwriting team is mostly very talented young people born in the 80s and 90s. This Chinese female director who has lived in Germany for many years encountered Waterloo in the mainland market last year for a unique and Europeanized film " I Phone You ". Tang Dan said indifferently that it was because of the "ungroundedness" of the film. This time, she conspired with Sun Peng, the CEO of Roc Pictures. She said that she deliberately asked them to wait for her to adjust the schedule because she liked the story too much. Weiland Huelz Kay nodded frequently, praising that the whole idea was Hollywood, "kindness, loyalty, friendship, and moving people with the sincerity - exactly what " The Secret Garden" is about."


Kai is a director for stage play, documentary and films with an international reputation, who was the producer of " The Children of Huang Shi ". He is experienced in North American market sales. He bluntly answered the media about the failure in North America of Zhang Yimou's new film " The Flowers Of War ”, saying it is because of overly subjective speculation about the tastes of Chinese and overseas audiences. But the delicate, soft and sharp feeling in Tang Dan's works won his appreciation. In addition to "Secret Garden", the two have planned their next film cooperation.


Tang Dan said frankly that this time she will overcome her previous shortcomings, and make it grounded and lively in the details of the story, character, language and other aspects. It is reported that the main filming location of the film is in Zhejiang, and Hangzhou is naturally the main venue. The blend of petty bourgeoisie and nature here is deeply appreciated by Tang Dan. In June, the film will be officially launched at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and the popular actors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea will also be unveiled. The release date is set on December 12, 2012, which means that this magical romance film featuring "peerless love, eschatological love", persistently and firmly "to love"!

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