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North Film Group's 3D animation film "The Flying Machine" won award in the US


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On October 26, local time, at the opening ceremony of the 8th Chinese American Film Festival held in Hollywood, 10 outstanding films that won the "Golden Angel Award" were announced, and films and artists who made outstanding contributions to China-US art communication were awarded special awards. The 3D animation film "The Flying Machine" produced by Tianjin North Film Group as the first production company stood out from dozens of Chinese and American participating films and won the "Golden Angel Award".


Founded in 2004, the Chinese American Film Festival has become an annual event for cultural exchanges between China and the United States. It has been successfully held for eight years and has shown more than 400 outstanding films from the two countries. Every year, dozens of mainstream Chinese and American media participate in global coverage.


This year’s film festival will show more than 140 outstanding Chinese and American films in Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other places, and hold a number of large-scale special film activities and seminars. The number of film screenings and the number of participating Chinese film companies will both hit the record of all time’s Chinese American Film Festival. As the number of participating films increases year by year, the influence of the Chinese American Film Festival has expanded and it has become an annual event for exchanges between the Chinese and American film industries. This year’s participating films include: " The Flowers Of War ", " Flying Swords of Dragon Gate ", " The Lion Roars 2", " The Unfortunate Car " and dozens of brilliant feature films; as well as "The Maker" and "Pink Sky" , "Battle B Boy", "Anglea Wright", "A Big Love Story" and many other American films with different styles, the lineup is unprecedented.


The 3D animation film "The Flying Machine" is another important action taken by Tianjin North Film Group to implement the development strategy of "characterization, internationalization, and industrialization". It is also another 3D movie after the launch of our country's first full 3D haired animation film " Legend of A Rabbit " produced by Tianjin North Film Group. The film uses Chopin's Etude as the musical background and emotional keynote, telling the affection and dreams of the two families existing in virtual and reality. In the film, Lang Lang plays a pianist, leading a British mother played by Heather Graham and her children through the world of reality and animation, looking for the meaning of music and home in the places where Chopin had been in his life. The film is one of the projects of Polish government's memorial of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Chopin. It is a cultural exchange project between China and Poland. The Oscar-winning producer: Hugh Welshman as the producer, and the piano master Lang Lang appears in the live performance for the first time, who played all the Chopin etudes in the film. And with the good work of a Hollywood production team, combining traditional stop-motion animation production methods with modern stereo shooting techniques, and presenting the audience with the beautiful 3D effect of dreams and fantasy in the melodious piano performance , Leading hundreds of millions of piano kids across the country and even the world into the elegant and solemn hall of music.


The investment and production of the film received strong support from Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and Tianjin Haitai Guarantee Company. Haitai Guarantee Co., Ltd. provided a financing guarantee of $4Million for "The Flying Machine" project, creating a new mode of film and television financing cooperation and cultural industry development financing of "guarantee for income", providing a strong financial guarantee for the completion of the film .


The film is scheduled to be released nationwide in the winter holiday at the beginning of next year, and will be released globally after.

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