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"Bait 3D" Succeeds in box office with ¥120M


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The 3D disaster thriller "Bait 3D" produced by Yunnan Film Group, Enlight Pictures and other companies in collaboration with the production team of "Avatar", has been widely recognized by the market and audiences, and the box office has been popular since its release. Although another Hollywood blockbuster " Total Recall " was released on a high profile during the weekend, the strong momentum of " Bait 3D " has not been affected. After the box office of the first weekend easily approached 50 million, the box office of the film has received more good news recently. According to the box office data reported by cinemas, by 24:00 October 22, " Bait 3D " had been released for 11 days, with a total box office of 120 million yuan, becoming a veritable "dark horse" in the October movie market.


"Bait 3D" Succeeds in box office with ¥120M in 11 days


After the ordinary and artistic long holiday in the beginning of October, as " Bait 3D " comes out, audiences who like to watch movies can finally experience the excitement of watching movies in the theater. As a 3D disaster horror movie, " Bait 3D " has been recognized by young audiences because of its distinctive commercial elements, and being 3D has given the film a great deal of space for its own screening when facing subsequent competitors. After the ordinary long holiday, the market is waiting for a commercial blockbuster, and a series of interactive activities such as the "Remote Control Shark" previously launched by " Bait 3D " echoes such needs of the movie theaters.


Many factors have contributed to the tsunami-like box office growth of " Bait 3D ". The box office on the first day reached 12 million, and the box office quickly reached 45.3 million in three days of the first weekend. After that, it went all the way up, steadily grew 8-10 million daily. Rising, even in front of the release of " Total Recall " last weekend, it has not been greatly affected. It still won nearly 20 million box office on Saturday and Sunday, and has reached 120 million yuan so far. The best market for the movie in the whole world.


Genre of disaster & horror recognized by the market, advantages of 3D is obvious


As the leading blockbuster in the post-National Day period, " Bait 3D " has been under tremendous pressure since its release. On October 12 alone, there were more than ten films released in one day, and many films continued to run after National Day. There were fierce competition in this period. However, " Bait 3D " stands out among many opponents with its sophisticated 3D production and distinctive commercial elements. The film has not only the visual impact, the claustrophobic space has a sense of horror and strangeness to the psychological stimulation of people, and the 3D effect that is definitely worth the price of the tickets makes the audience spontaneously choose " Bait 3D ".


Previously, according to data provided by major theaters, the attendance rate of the film was as high as 31 people per show, which fully explained the film's super popularity. Previewing the film’s performance, a theater manager made a bold prediction: "As the 3D effect of " Bait 3D " is quite eye-catching, and there is no other 3D films in the same period to compete effectively with it, it can be said that during this period of time, " Bait 3D " is occupying the 3D space of the whole country, and none of the upcoming blockbusters are 3D. Considering the popularity of the film among young audiences, I believe " Bait 3D " will be a hit for a while, until the release of " Taichi Hero", which may have a substantial impact on it."


Continues to be strong, confronting " The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2” during Halloween period


After bearing the impact of "Total Recall", this week " Bait 3D " will face a more thrilling opponent - " The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ". Many theaters plan to show thrilling and exciting movies to audiences across the country during Halloween, which is in less than two weeks. Therefore, the head-on competition between " Bait 3D " and " The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 " will also be staged at the end of the month. After attracting attentions by netizens and favored by theater managers, " Bait 3D " is still doing well after earning more than 100 million yuan’s box office. This year's Halloween, the battle between "shark" and "werewolf" will also become an unmissable show for movie fans.

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