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Calvin Sun, the leading actor of " Cold Pupil ", won the award at the 7th Monaco Film Festival


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The film " The Locked Door " starring Huang Shengyi and Calvin Sun has just won the 2012 Best Picture Award at the 7th Monaco Film Festival. It is expected that " The Locked Door " will win more film awards in the future.


The 2012 female affliction film "The Locked Door" was starred by mainland China’s well-known actress Huang Shengyi and the new actor Calvin Sun. Huang Shengyi broke her image and challenges her acting skills to interpret a poor single mother with a miserable fate during the period of Republic of China. Hollywood screenwriter Nathaniel Baker put hard work for ten years and described a twisted and bizarre love story in Taicang, a small town in the south of the Yangtze River. Andrew Morgan, a multiple-time Oscar winner, and a legendary filmmaker who spans the history of global film development, serves as the chief producer of the film. The only Chinese film edited by Walman, the chief editor who has created many Hollywood big movies. The Hollywood production team sketched out a warm and affectionate drama depicting poignant love blending family grievances.


Calvin Sun was known in "Bai Yutang" in 2005, and then from Wang Baobao in " The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber " to Zhong Weiqiang in today's "Cold Pupil", this new entertainment force Calvin Sun, known as the "mysterious man", let us see the growth of an actor. The " Cold Pupil ", which is a fashion and love suspense blockbuster, has attracted much attention from the early stage of publicity, especially the personal emotional problems of the leading star Calvin Sunis the focus of the media.


The movie "Cold Pupil" is produced by Xi'an Qujiang Film and Television Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing Liyishan Cultural Media Co., Ltd., and Fujian Hengye Film Distribution Co., Ltd. The fashion and love thriller film "Cold Pupil" that will be released in July is currently In post-production, the film is co-operated again by Shen Zhihao, the producer of the 2010 box office dark horse, 2010 Shanghai International Film Festival and the 2011 Moscow International Film Festival award-winning film " Illusion Apartment ", director Jiang Guoquan, Wang Ke, and screenwriter Zhang Er, starring Hong Kong’s famous star Calvin Sun, Chrissie Chau, domestic powerful new actress Zhang Shixu, China's number one online beauty Liu Yuqi, Hong Kong actors Sammy Hung, Sam Lee, You-Nam Wong, and Hong Kong senior movie star Canti Lau, and is the most anticipated fashion love thriller of 2012.

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