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"Eat Drink Man Woman II" wins praise in Berlin, applause lasts for 10 minutes after screening




On the evening of February 16th, Berlin time, the Chinese-language film " Eat Drink Man Woman II " held its world premiere at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. The film's producer Li Kong Hsu, Han Xiaoling, and Ju-feng Yeh attended the event with director Jui-Yuan Tsao and the starring actors Gui Yalei and Lan Ching Lung. After the screening, enthusiastic German audiences expressed their love for the film with 10 minutes of applause and whistles, and many audiences stood up to pay their respects. Thomas Struck, chairman of the "Culinary Cinema", praised the film as having won the hearts of the audience at the Berlin Film Festival. It is rare for a film to receive such a enthusiastic response at this festival.


The chairman of " Culinary Cinema " watched the movie and shed tears, saying Gui Yalei "found a good result"


" Eat Drink Man Woman II " is the closing film of the "Culinary Cinema" section of this Berlin Film Festival. After the screening, all audiences can also enjoy the grand "closing dinner" hosted by Michelin chef. Although the ticket price was as high as 59 euros that day, more than 300 seats were still sold out a month ago, and many media were unable to watch.


Before the film was screened, the chairman of the " Culinary Cinema " section Thomas Stroker specially met with the main creators of " Eat Drink Man Woman II ". He said: "After watching the movie, I was moved with tears. This movie will become one of my favorite." He still clearly remembers that Gui Yalei once starred in the 1994 version of Ang Lee’s " Eat Drink Man Woman ", and also remembered her name Bai Ping in that film. When he saw Gui Yalei, he yelled: "Apple , You dance very well! You were unlucky last time and your love fell through, but this time you have a good result."


After the meeting, everyone moved to the 300-seat screening hall to watch "" Eat Drink Man Woman II " together. During the screening, laughter came from the audience from time to time. Upon closing, the whistles and applause lasted 10 minutes. In the face of this scene, producer Li Kong Hsu and other actors bowed several times, and everyone was very excited.


Huo Siyan's shed tears in elegant dress, Lan Ching Lung claims to be the coldest and sleepiest actor


On the same day, actress Huo Siyan appeared elegantly at the premiere ceremony in a champagne-colored low-cut court gown. In order to echo the Chinese theme, she also wore fan-shaped Chinese earrings and matched her hair to show her elegant temperament. In the interactive session after the movie’s screening, she said, "I couldn't help crying just now when I saw the scene where I broke up with Lan Ching Lung. Thank you to the Berlin audience for giving us such warm encouragement and love." Huo Siyan couldn't help but joked about Lan Ching Lung  being the coldest actor, colder than Berlin’s winter. Lan Ching Lung shot back and said: "I only arrived in Berlin yesterday and I was still suffering from jet lag. I am not only the coldest actor, but also the sleepiest actor." The host also mentioned Huo Siyan’s stunning on the opening ed carpet in a red dress have been seen on all TV and newspapers. Lan Ching Lung's cool and handsome look won more female fans to ask for selfies.


"Post-screening dinner" cooking inspiration comes from the film, the chairman of the festival sees off the main creator


After the screening, the leading actors and audiences of " Eat Drink Man Woman II " enjoyed the closing dinner of the " Culinary Cinema " section at the Gropius Mirror restaurant set up in a large tent on the opposite side of the street. This four-course dinner was hosted by German two-Michelin star chef Mark Müller. He took the cuisine of " Eat Drink Man Woman II " as his culinary inspiration to create four vegetable dishes including green grass jade mushrooms, kelp black jade, gold eggplant and ginger fusion heart chocolate. The unique ingredients and condiments have teased the taste buds of more than 300 guests, making everyone a very enjoyable meal.


During the dinner, Berlin Film Festival’s President Dieter Kosslick also specially came to meet the creators and actors of " Eat Drink Man Woman II ", not only praised Huo Siyan for adding the most beautiful touch to the opening of the Berlin Film Festival, and sighed " Eat Drink Man Woman II " is a masterpiece. Before the end of the dinner, more than 300 guests once again sent off the creators of " Eat Drink Man Woman II " with warm applause!

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