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Weird Cohabitation
(feature film)

Ma and his best buddy forced to put their long-living luxury villa on rental due to financial crisis, they pretend as a couple to secure their renter, a Korean girl who comes to China to pursue her acting career. Both of them fall for the girl and hilarity ensues as they strive to convince her they're gay while secretly trying to win her heart. But more than that, the true hidden relationship between the two buddies also starts to reveal when girl's movie shooting is cancelled.

Director: Jonathan Kim

Writer: Jonathan Kim

Stars: Shaoqun Yu, Jeong-Hoon Kim, Da-som Kim

Genre:  Romance | Comedy

Country: China

Language: Chinese 


Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 2.21.52 PM.png

The Lost Roman Legion
(feature film)

When Ancient Roma meets Modern China in fiction and reality

The Hump
(feature film)

Based on true story happened in most dangerous military air transport route during WWII-the Hump


Go, Swimmer
(TV series)

The story of how four different young boys overcome difficulties and become a swimming team.

The City Founder
(feature film)

Based on true story of city Yiwu, the world's largest consumer goods purchasing center and the poorest town in China 40 years ago 

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