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"The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake" premiered in Hangzhou, recognized by Qiu Jin’s descendants with tears



Yesterday, film " The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake " directed by Yau Lai-To and starring Huang Yi, Dennis To, Anthony Perry and Kevin Cheng finally premiered in Hangzhou.


Because of previous protests, this film has attracted much attention. Yesterday, nearly a hundred media from all over the country and some of Qiu Jin’s descendants watched this film dedicated to the Centennial of the Revolution of 1911, produced in Zhejiang.


After the one-and-a-half-hour movie watching, there was enthusiastic applause in the theater, tears in the eyes of many people, "The literary scenes are heavy, the martial arts scenes are fierce, and the movie is pretty good."


Hearing such comments, Sun Peng, the CEO of Zhejiang Roc Pictures, the producer, finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Before the film was released, there was rumors saying Qiu Jin in the film "can fly over the wall" and "is a shrew".


This not only caused the dissatisfaction of Qiu Jin's descendants, but also made the director Yau Lai-To, who took six years of work to complete the film, and the film's creators quite sad.


Therefore, the producer specially invited Qiu Jin's descendants - Qiu Jin's great-granddaughter Lai Qishan and sister Lai Qixiang, and the daughter of Qiu Jin's nephew Yang Wen-to watch the film premiere in Hangzhou.


When the film ended, Qiu Jin's descendants burst into tears, very excited.


"The previous worries are gone. The movie is very touching and good. It is true that Qiu Jin wore men's clothes. My family still has pictures of her wearing men's clothes. Although the action scenes are a bit long, they can attract young audiences to learn about Qiu Jin, I don't think it's too bad." Said Yang Wen.


And Ms. Lai, Qiu Jin's great-granddaughter, spoke highly of "Qiu Jin"’s player Huang Yi: "I think Huang Yi was quite like her in the movie, and I am very touched."


The heroine Huang Yi on the side of added: "When we met and were facing each other, our eyes were red."


The biographical films of historical figures have always been the "hot potato" in the eyes of directors. One is that the characterization of characters is easily questioned, and the other is that biographical films always give people a more serious impression, and the revenue at the box office is less than that of commercial films.


Despite this, Yau Lai-To has always wanted to make a film for Qiu Jin for 6 years.


In the past six years, he has read countless historical materials and books, and conducted comprehensive and detailed historical investigations. He has put in hard work.


He said that he always used a rigorous attitude to create scripts to shape the heroic image of Qiu Jin.


Yesterday, Yau Lai-To told reporters very seriously: "I am not shooting this movie for the box office. I just want to make the film worthy of the audience and as close as the real history. You think, I am the director of "The Untold Story". I have the opportunity to shoot a real heroine in history. This is my dream and my luck. I must do my best. I can say that I am worthy of Qiu Jin."


The most surprising thing is that Huang Yi, who has been in the show business for many years and has received countless interviews, unexpectedly prepared a speech when interviewed by reporters yesterday.


"Before, many people asked me about the rumors and comments about the movie. I think it is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to play Qiu Jin. Therefore, I must take it seriously. This is my respect for this role and Qiu Jin. So today, I will read what I want to say to everyone word by word."

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