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New Drama "Upstream" Captivates Viewers with Authentic Portrait of Asian Games Swimmers



The sports drama "Upstream" for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou recently concluded, marking a milestone as a key project supported by the Zhejiang Literature and Art Fund. Premiering on Zhejiang Satellite TV during the swimming events, the drama achieved strong viewership ratings and widespread online popularity.

"Upstream" seamlessly integrated fictional narratives with real-world swimming competitions, offering an immersive viewing experience. Drawing inspiration from the Zhejiang Swimming Team, the drama follows the journey of four protagonists from childhood swimming enthusiasts to international athletes.

The creative team conducted extensive interviews with athletes and staff, embedding themselves within the Zhejiang Swimming Training Base. The script, crafted over six years, authentically portrays athletes' lives, blending documentary-style realism with narrative drama.

Filmed on location in Zhejiang, "Upstream" showcases the province's charm and the authentic environment of swimming training. Casting prioritized authenticity, with lead actor Li Wenhan, a former competitive swimmer, undergoing additional training to embody his role. His portrayal, along with the participation of professional athletes in competition scenes, adds realism to the drama.

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