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2023 released (China)


The sports drama "Upstream" for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou
Seamlessly integrated fictional narratives with real-world swimming competitions
Drawing inspiration from the Zhejiang Swimming Team, the drama follows the journey of four protagonists from childhood swimming enthusiasts to international athletes.

The swimming team, consisting of four distinctive and "troublesome" teenagers, reunites at the pool under the efforts of their coach. "Lone wolf" Zhou Yetian, with exceptional talent, is mentored by the eccentric coach Liang Youguang. Rising star Gao Feng, a prodigy in the swimming world, is the pride of coach Gu Luo. The passionate youth Wu Hao, disregarding health risks, declares he would "rather die in the pool." The mischievous Hu Jingtian becomes the team's peacemaker. Sunshine girl Liang Bingbing, recovering from an injury, becomes the assistant coach and develops a unique chemistry with Zhou Yetian and the others. Overcoming challenges, they constantly push their limits, experiencing the harshness and allure of competition, and grow together along the way.

Director: Kemin Huang

Stars: Wenhan Li, Josie Xu,Yoyo Liu

Genres: Sport | Drama | Motivation

Runtime: 30 Series* 45 mins

Country: China

Language: Chinese | English

Release Date: 24 September 2023 (China)

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